Wolfmother To Return With Cosmic Egg In October

by Chaz on June 19, 2011

Wolfmother, Cosmic Egg, October

Cosmic Egg, the return release from Wolfmother, is scheduled for release on October 13, reports Smnnews.com.

This will be preceded by the release of the joyously shredding first single, “New Moon Rising,” which makes its radio premiere this Friday, August 14.

Wolfmother guitarist/frontman Andrew Stockdale recently spoke to MTV News about the band’s forthcoming second album, “Cosmic Egg” — the group’s first since the departure of drummer Myles Heskett and bassist/keyboardist Chris Ross.

I used to think musicians were like monks … and music was like a religious path, because it tests you. It tests your ego, your jealousies, your competitiveness — all those things. How it’s going to consume you. If you can keep writing songs. It tests you in so many ways,” Stockdale told MTV News. “I decided to answer those challenges, for one, because I can’t help myself, but also, because I’m the Wolfmother guy all the time. I’m the dude from Wolfmother. It confronts me all the time. I didn’t want to justify myself to the press, or explain what happened, or what didn’t happen, or who said what, or why. … I didn’t want to get involved in all that. So I thought the best thing to do was just make music and let that speak for itself.

He continued, “For a while, I was thinking of not going forward as Wolfmother … but then, eventually, I decided just to do it. It’s a bizarre situation, because you’re making new music, but you’re also connected to the first record, and the new people are replacing people. It’s not a new band with a fresh slate. But once we got started making this record, I thought, ‘It’s more of a challenge to continue as Wolfmother,’ because there is a first record, there is something to compare it to … and that makes you push yourself.


01. California Queen
02. New Moon Rising
03. White Feather
04. Sundial
05. In The Morning
06. 10,000 Feet
07. Cosmic Egg
08. Far Away
09. Pilgrim
10. In The Castle
11. Phoenix
12. Violence Of The Sun

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