Will there be more to come from Sixx:A.M.?

by S.J. Beers on June 22, 2011

Motley Crue’s bass guitarist Nikki Sixx has been working on a side project called Sixx:A.M. The band is mostly known for their rock song, “Life is Beautiful“. Sixx:A.M. was created in 2007 by Nikki Sixx, DJ Ashba, and James Michael.

After writing, The Heroin Diaries: A Year in the Life of a Shattered Rock Star, Sixx’s side project Sixx:A.M. released The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack. The band was not planning on touring for the soundtrack but after much support from their fans and a major interest in concert dates they decided why not give the fans what they want.

In spring of 2008, Sixx:A.M. announced to the world that they would be on tour with as part of Motley Crue’s Crue Fest. The Crue Fest also included, Buckcherry, Papa Roach, and Trapt.

Nikki Sixx, himself, as announced that the band is creating a follow up album to The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack. Both James Michael and Nikki Sixx have told fans that they have been in studio creating new material for the awaited sequel to the soundtrack.

Sixx:A.M. has been working without a drummer and has been having fill-ins. The upcoming album is due out in winter of 2009. But the band will keep fans wondering who will record the sequel? Also DJ Ashba has recently joined forces with the hard rocking rollers Guns N’ Roses. The sequel album has many factors that play against the outcome. Will Sixx:A.M. be able to create another rock n roll hit? Only time will tell.

Sixx: A.M. – Life Is Beautiful

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