Aerosmith Cancels Summer Tour

by Chaz on April 29, 2011

Due to injuries STEVEN TYLER sustained last week when he fell from the stage during a concert in Sturgis, SD, doctors have advised the lead singer to take the time to properly recuperate from the accident that resulted in a broken shoulder and stitches to his head. In his current condition, TYLER is unable to tour and the band wants to give him time to get healthy.


Aerosmith Seaching for New Singer?

by Chaz on March 27, 2011

Tyler revealed to Classic Rock he wanted to take a break from the band, and Joe Perry later told the Las Vegas Sun, “Steven quit as far as I can tell.” The back-and-forth climaxed last week when Tyler showed up unannounced at Perry’s solo club gig in New York and proclaimed: “I am not leaving Aerosmith.”