Ozzy Osbourne

Underground Rock Band SAGE4

by Chaz on March 29, 2011

When underground rock band SAGE4 was conceptualizing their new music video, the perfect concept for the song’s title “Everyone’s A Hypocrite” was obvious; to poke fun at celebrity bloggers. With the growing popularity of celebrity blogging sites such as PerezHilton.com, in addition to the large number of celebrities that have had confrontational run-ins with bloggers and paparazzi, the video’s concept is extremely timely.


Ozzy Osbourne might have figured out how to carry on as a rockstar for 4 decades and counting, but he is not exactly hip to today’s hits. In a recent interview with UsMagazine, the Ozzy takes aim at, pop artist, Lady Gaga for being “too overexposed” when questioned if he has any suggestions for modern musicians


Miyazawa recently joined Osbourne on the singer’s six-date summer Ozzfest tour, performing the classic “Crazy Train” alongside Ozzy and his band. Blabbermouth tracked down footage from Ozzfest, where Miyazawa did an awe-inspiring Randy Rhoads impression


Moving along–That’s the word that comes to mind. Ozzy had just recently announced his new guitarist Gus G of Firewind and as quickly as announcement, they are on stage playing “Bark at the Moon” – Watch Video