Jet – Shaka Rock

by Chaz on June 6, 2011

The album is highlighted with rockin’ tracks like the first single, “She’s A Genius,” a semi-light-hearted take on the band’s appreciation for women. “Start The Show” is noted for being one of the band’s heaviest rock songs to this date. “K.I.A” has the drama of a film packed in a 3 minute song. “Black Hearts (On Fire)” touches on the band’s fascination with power and greed.


Are you a metal band fanatic? Do you have that enthusiast into the rock/metal music? Or maybe you are already starting your own band and still on that stage of tasting the salty waters? Here is the good news. Whether you are a fan, a newly started group or just someone from the neighborhood that wants to be updated about metal bands, there is a new website created just for you. It is the Bayou Underground.


Aerosmith Cancels Summer Tour

by Chaz on April 29, 2011

Due to injuries STEVEN TYLER sustained last week when he fell from the stage during a concert in Sturgis, SD, doctors have advised the lead singer to take the time to properly recuperate from the accident that resulted in a broken shoulder and stitches to his head. In his current condition, TYLER is unable to tour and the band wants to give him time to get healthy.


system of a down, eurovision,

System Of A Down Have expressed interest in representing Armenia in next year’s Eurovision song contest to be hosted in Russia. World renowned Armenian-American rock band System Of A Down has expressed interest in representing Armenia in next year’s Eurovision song contest to be hosted in Russia. Serj Tankian, the group’s lead singer, recently said […]


Metallica, Judas Priest, Lamb Of God, Megadeth, AC/DC and Slayer are among the nominees for the 52nd annual Grammy Awards, which will be held on Sunday, January 31, 2010 at Staples Center in Los Angeles.


Starting tonight at Midnight, Slayer will commandeer the site’s Music Home Page and brand new Music Video Home Page for the entire Halloween weekend.

The first Slayer Halloween treat will be the exclusive premiere of Slayer’s brand new album, World Painted Blood, which is due in stores next Tuesday, November 3


Slipknot Unsure On Band’s Future

by Chaz on April 7, 2011

Slipknot’s guitarist, Jim Root, has revealed that the future of the band is unsure at this time — after bassist Paul Gray died of an overdose in May.