black gives way to blue

we hadn’t been through it, ’cause we hadn’t made a record in 14 years, so I think that’s the initial shock. It’s like, ‘What?’ We were talking about it earlier… It’s like going to prison — you’re know you’re gonna get raped, but you’re not ready for it. You think you’re all prepared for it, but you’re not really prepared for how violent that rape is. It’s like, ‘Wow! He’s really giving it to me

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Metallica Interviews Alice In Chains

by Chaz on March 20, 2011

When asked by Hetfield what the album title means to the band, guitarist Jerry Cantrell explained that the title track is a song about late Alice In Chains singer Layne Staley, who died in 2002. “It’s a really intense song and a really open-hearted song because of Layne and the experience that we all went through,” he said. “It’s [about] facing up to that stuff and all the good and all the bad and moving forward together. It speaks to [the fact that] things were pretty black for us. It’s pretty literal, and things are starting to get a little lighter.”