Stitch The Lids

by Chaz on March 26, 2011

Presser–Stitch The Lids is a powerful band combining aspects of Punk, Hardcore and a touch of Thrash to deliver a performance that leaves fans gasping for air.

This Fredericksburg, Virginia based band is now poised to bring their energetic onslaught to fans around the world as they signed today with No Explanation Records. No Explanation Records is an innovative label that focuses on a unique business model designed to “partner” with the Artist to improve their music, brand and fan base while allowing the Artist to maintain the rights to their music.

No Explanation Records CEO, Jay Burton, sums it up well with the company’s tagline “Everything is About To Change”. Burton explains that this new label is designed for a rapidly changing music industry and is intent on becoming the leader in a new age of technology and creativity.

Stitch The Lids is made up of Josh Schimpf, Swinger Buskirk, Eddie Johnson, Phil Johnson, and Zachary Coakley. Stitch The Lids will now begin to produce and record their debut album with the No Explanation Records team. Listen to Stitch the Lids @

Keep your eyes open….Stitch The Lids!

About No Explanation Records:

No Explanation Records is a new and innovative approach to the music industry. The company was formed out of frustration by a group of musicians, dot com entrepreneurs, former artist, venue and promotions directors, and most of all music fans. After watching so many bands being taken advantage of or even worse losing their music we decided it was time to change everything known about the industry. With a new digital world emerging and music changing daily we are leading the charge and bringing the best new music to fans !

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