Rock and Roll of today

by S.J. Beers on December 10, 2011

KA-POW! THAT’S THE SOUND OF ROCK FRAGMENTING right before your very own ears and eyes. A couple decades ago, you could count the various genres of rock on your fingers. But these days, rock is splintering and mutating at such an alarming rate that you’d need all of Gray’s Anatomy to keep track. Metal alone has enough sub-species and factions to construct a decent Frankenstein.

And while we applaud any artist who has the guts to stake new ground, it’s getting harder and harder to keep track of music’s continuing evolution. We’re often tempted to take the easy way out and ignore all those cult bands, punk outlaws and alternative indies. But hiding our heads in the mainstream sand just won’t do. For one thing, our staff is just loaded with social lepers, feral children and other outcasts and rejects from society, and their tastes run almost exclusively to fringe groups, interesting oddities and the obscure. And so, Gear Vault has recommitted itself to covering all that’s unusual under the sun.

In the last few months alone we’ve brought you stories on the surprisingly large and passionate progressive rock underground; features on avant-garde metal bands like Meshuggah and Cradle of Filth; and in-depth coverage of classic cult heroes like Frank Zappa, Lou Reed, Metallica and Tommy Bolin.

In this blurb, we proudly brave the shadow world of rock to introduce you to the vague and excitingly enigmatic emo scene. An offshoot of the Washington, D.C., punk rock scene, emo-core is particularly interesting to Guitar World because, first and foremost, many of the bands feature brilliant musicians with something new to say.

The fact that these boys are an unusually articulate bunch only adds to their appeal. Even if the music of bands like Braid, the Promise Ring or Burning Airlines does not sound like your cup of tea, you will no doubt be inspired by their unswerving integrity and commitment to their music.

As always, we invite you to contact us via the internet, or the more delightfully archaic mail system, to clue us in on other interesting scenes, bands or unsung heroes you would like to see in our pages. As those of you who’ve bothered to contact us are aware, we do listen.

I KNEW IT WAS TIME FOR A NEW PHOTOGRAPH WHEN a reader came to our office and, with disappointment dripping from his voice, said, “I thought you were gonna be like some big Hell’s Angels dude.” As you can see, I actually look like some rather small Hell’s Angels dude.

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