King Snyder Rock Band: REVOLUTION RISING

by Chaz on June 23, 2011

Friends, Rock bands and Countrymen! It was during the fall of the year 2001, when a newborn metal band came into this earth. It was meant to be done. For it is believed that this band will have to come into power and rule the world of metal music. Born to exist, let us give honor to King Snyder Rock/Metal Band.

They grew up to be as friends who one day became reunited and they realized that they have this high common interest in rocking and jamming. This realization brought them all to a certain talent progression that made their skills be merged into a single music band. Yes, they are extremely an astounding group of musicians. There is no question to that and that is period. Their ability to perform a technically mature style makes them absolutely different from any other metal bands. All of their songs are originally made, this proves their talent.

Do you know what makes the audience and other rock fanatics of this band cheer for more? Well, it is not just the music, the lyrics or the sound that they create. It is not the instruments that they use. The cheers are all about their way of making themselves rock for more. What I mean is that, each member has his own signature or the so-called “trademark” of being so popular. Brad Baker, who is the vocalist of the group, roars so loudly when he sings the lyrics appear to be sweet music to the rocker’s ears. He sings with all emotions out making the feeling of singing infectious to its listeners. Listening to his melodic words will absolutely lull you into a dream or hypnosis of being in a different world, a place that is rocking-ly peaceful and overwhelming.

Seth Kelly is the rhythm guitarist of the band. He strums those strings like a thunder bolt. He pulls every beat like there is no tomorrow. He makes the sound tickling and so lovingly awesome. He creates that powerful partnership with every lyric that Baker sings. They kill the audience with their rock romance. For more than ten years already, they both write the songs of the group. They are considered to be best of friends because of their deep brotherhood connection either on or off the stage.

Chris Couse is the lead guitarist. He has an extremely wild style which makes it dynamically mysterious and spontaneous where the audience is always being overwhelmed off their seats. His mind and hand skills are not the products of practice but it is already an inborn talent, something that is already natural for him which makes the music appear as newly crafted. Their drummer, Jeff Hulslander and bassist, Jimi Phelps are the pounding producers that makes every rhythm bombastic and outrageous.

The commitment, sincerity, and the intensity of playing music are King Snyder’s foundation of each day to day’s moving to glorious success. Once you hear this metal band play, you can really feel a unique flow of energy from the combination of their sounds and skills creating a new environment for music.

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King Snyder – Pacify

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