Jet – Shaka Rock

by Chaz on June 6, 2011

Jet–the Australian rock band has finally released their highly anticipated third album called “Shaka Rock“.

We have been going non-stop to bring this album to our fans,” says Jet’s drummer Chris Cester. “It’s just so good to be out on the road playing our new music. We rock harder on this album then we ever have before and we just want as many people to hear it a possible. We’ll let the audience be our critics.

The album is highlighted with rockin’ tracks like the first single, “She’s A Genius,” a semi-light-hearted take on the band’s appreciation for women. “Start The Show” is noted for being one of the band’s heaviest rock songs to this date. “K.I.A” has the drama of a film packed in a 3 minute song. “Black Hearts (On Fire)” touches on the band’s fascination with power and greed. The album is recognized for being full of rich and deep stories like “Goodbye Hollywood” of which Chris Cester says, “I like to think of it as our kiss-off to our past personally, and it really sums up the forward thinking…go-go, don’t think twice attitude that we had making this album.

To give you a taste, listen to “Start The Show“.

Jet – Start The Show

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