Does Cradle of Filth suck?

by Chaz on February 27, 2011

Either way, stop throwing objects!–Due to some moron, Cradle Of Filth was forced to cancel their show at Bloodstock Open Air festival last night (August 15). Guitarist Paul Allender was struck by an object thrown by a member of the crowd.

Allender was unable to finish his performance and was taken to hospital for medical treatment, reports Blabbermouth.

The Bloodstock organizers issued a statement which said: “One selfish ticketholder soured an amazing day and a stunning performance by the closing headliners.” Hey, thanks for ruining everyone’s day, asshole.

We’re hoping that the rest of the fans in attendance will enjoy the rest of the weekend with the camaraderie and unity that has made Bloodstock Open Air the great festival it is.”

We’re calling out any gutless pricks who throw shit. Next time you’re at a show and see someone throw shit, beat their ass! k,thanks! By the way, Cradle of Filth doesn’t suck–at least not that bad.

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