Chris Cornell: Jimi Hendrix wouldn’t get radio air time today

by Chaz on July 14, 2011

Chris Cornell recently had an interesting interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, and I think many would agree with him to an extent. Cornell says in the interview that he’s not too thrilled with what’s on the airwaves.

Think about Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Smash Hits’. This is an album by Jimi Hendrix and it’s even called ‘Smash Hits'”, he said. “But if it came out today it wouldn’t be played on the radio. That’s weird to me. It’s odd that an album that came out in 1967 would be too strange for radio play in 2011.”

Personally, I think Hendrix would still be a hit in 2011, especially considering some of the music currently being played on the airwaves today.

Also in the interview, he credited The Beatles for influencing him to have an independent musical spirit.

Even at age nine, they had a big impression on me, and later on my writing, without me realizing it“, Cornell said.

The Beatles did whatever they wanted. This is a band that did ‘Helter Skelter’, ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Penny Lane’. No one said, ‘Hey, they can’t do that!‘”

Read the full interview here.

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