Aerosmith’s Joe Perry Denies Break-Up Rumors

by Chaz on June 15, 2011

Aerosmith’s guitarist–Joe Perry has denied rumors that the band are about to split up by saying a new album “will happen”.

Perry, who hasn’t spoken to singer Steven Tyler since he fell off the stage in August, was “upset” that the band had to cancel their North American tour, but has dismissed rumors of the veterans splitting.

“Maybe we have three more records in us. Maybe we have five, seven years of touring,” Perry told the Boston Herald.

“[We’re] taking a breather,” he added, but hoped the band would reconvene in spring to begin recording their next album and plan a tour for next autumn.

“That day will come. Whether it’s him calling me or me calling him, it will happen,” Perry said on reconnecting with Tyler again.

Although the band are officially “taking a breather”, they are still set to play two gigs next month on the Hawaiian island of Maui as a result of a lawsuit after the band canceled the gigs two years ago, reports the Star Bulletin.

The band have not released an album of original material since 2001’s “Just Push Play“.

Aerosmith – Just Push Play

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