Rock and Roll of today

by S.J. Beers on December 10, 2011


metal bands like Meshuggah and Cradle of Filth; and in-depth coverage of classic cult heroes like Frank Zappa, Lou Reed and Tommy Bolin.


Acoustic Guitar Songs, guitar songs, Best Acoustic Guitar Music, music, easy guitar songs

Acoustic music is getting some recognition for 2011 – What do we mean by acoustic songs? They are tunes played by non- electric accompaniment. If you’re just a student and want to find out how to generate songs on the acoustic guitar, its important to begin with uncomplicated acoustic guitar music.


radiohead, these are my twisted words

Radiohead’s new release of their single EP “These Are My Twisted Words” sounds like a psychedelic funky mix of the 70s and today’s alternative rock. The song itself has a depressing vibe but its words have many powerful meanings.


Godsmack Whatever

by Chaz on June 21, 2011

godsmack, metal, music

“Whatever,” the throbbing, detuned rant at a departed lover that launched Godsmack’s journey up the charts, almost wasn’t on the band’s self-titled debut at all. (In fact, it was even absent from the album’s initial version, released by the band themselves in 1997.) “We recorded the song for a compilation of Boston bands after the […]


Rob Zombie Returns to Music After Halloween

by Dan Evon on June 20, 2011

rob zombie, the blob, halloween

But one has to be more prone to believe that Rob Zombie’s return to the music stage will be triumphant. Rumored titles for the new Rob Zombie release are “Jesus Frankenstein,” and “Sick Bubblegum,” according to


Gene Simmons ‘Reviews’ NIN Concert

by Chaz on June 19, 2011

gene simmons review nin

Kiss bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons has posted a brief review of Nine Inch Nails’ August 10, 2009 concert at Fort Canning Park in Singapore. Read Gene’s review…


Wolfmother, Cosmic Egg, October

Cosmic Egg, the return release from Wolfmother, is scheduled for release on October 13, reports This will be preceded by the release of the joyously shredding first single, “New Moon Rising,” which makes its radio premiere this Friday, August 14. Wolfmother guitarist/frontman Andrew Stockdale recently spoke to MTV News about the band’s forthcoming second […]